•  Students are recognized for making positive choices that benefit themselves and the school community. Students may receive a Millionaire Buck (a plastic coin token) from an adult in the building. After collecting 5 of these, the student visits theoffice to receive a number and a hand stamp. The number places them on the PRINCIPAL’S 100 CLUB board.  The following lists the many ways students are recognized for positive behavior inthe classroom, playground, cafeteria and the school bus.


    Principal’s100 Club- 10 names in a row on the board. All students in that row on the board visit the office, pick from the prize box, get the photo taken and displayed and their family is contacted via a postcard mailed home.


    Top Hat Award- students that earn 3’s and 4’s on their 9 weeks reports card in the area of citizenship.


    Star Student of the Month- a teacher nominated award to one student each month who has demonstrated outstanding effort and attitude and attributes of a good friend.No office referrals


    Magic SchoolBus Award-monthly. A banner is displayed in the bus, a treat is shared with student passengers and driver. The least amount of discipline referrals eachmonth.


    Golden DustPan Award- weekly  The classroom isnominated by the custodial staff at the end of each week and announced each Monday morning. The class leader carries the Golden Dust Pan and displays it proudly outside the classroom door. This class is the first out to recess and recognized throughout the school.