Jackson Primary PTO

    Jackson Primary Parent/Teacher Organization

    United to Help Our Children Succeed!!!
    1. To promote the welfare of children in home, school, and community.
    2. To bring into closer relation the home and school, that parents and teachers may cooperate respectfully in the education of children.
    3. To develope among educators, families and the community, united efforts that will secure for all children the highest advantages in physical, mental, and social education.
     Jackson Primary PTO are  parents and guardians who work together with the staff  to make  Jackson Primary School a fun and interesting place for the students to learn.  We provide treats for parties (and other events), sponsor class field trips, sponsor fundraising events, sponsor class pictures, the end-of-year game day, provide a patrol breakfast and host two luncheons for Jackson Teachers and Staff.  Last year, we raised enough money to not only fund all the above, but to also buy scooters for Read, Skate, Calculate events; buy a new sound board; buy a portable smart board to be used by Unified Arts; buy a wireless microphone; plus rent a Dome Theatre for our kids.  This is due to everyone's help.  Thank you!!
             2017-2018 Executive Board:
    President -                          Megan Cohick
    Vice President -                 Emily Cohick

    Corresponding Secretary -  Kristin Mazzante

    Treasurer -                         Audra Mazzante



    *The PTO Board would like to thank all parents who were involved last year.  Getting involved with the school is very helpful for your child.  Let’s work together to make your child flourish.   


    *Thank you for visiting our website.  Please explore the other pages to see past events and to learn more about upcoming events for the school year.
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